Marshalls Packaging Ltd.

Environmental Sustainability Policy Statement

At Dempac, we are committed to operating our businesses with a focus on environmental sustainability. We recognize the importance of minimizing our environmental impact and are dedicated to making a positive difference in the following key areas:

  1. Transport: We will operate and maintain company vehicles with due regard to environmental issues. Route planning will be utilized to minimize mileage and emissions. Any new vehicles added to our delivery fleet will meet Euro 5 standards to reduce emissions.
  2. Waste Management: Through strict production checks, we aim to reduce the amount of waste generated. Any waste cardboard will be recycled to be made into new corrugated material, minimizing our contribution to landfill and promoting circular economy principles.
  3. Purchasing Practices: We prioritize purchasing goods from approved suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability. Whenever possible, we opt for products made from recycled materials, and we consider the environmental impact of our purchasing decisions.
  4. Infrastructure: We continuously review our use of utilities and infrastructure, seeking opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint. Whenever feasible, we replace infrastructure items with more energy-efficient alternatives to minimize resource consumption and emissions.
  5. Employee Engagement: We encourage all members of staff, from top to bottom, to recognize the importance of their impact on the environment. We provide a variety of solutions and support to help employees minimize their environmental footprint both at work and in their personal lives.

Continuous Improvement:

We commit to regularly reviewing and updating this policy as we strive to make continuous improvements within our business operations. Through ongoing assessment and adaptation, we aim to strengthen our environmental sustainability practices and contribute positively to the health of our planet.