Marshalls Packaging Ltd.

Warehouse and Distribution

Packaging affects many aspects of your supply chain like storage, access and the flow of goods within your Warehouse and Distribution centres. Revenue growth and cost reduction can be tied directly to the way you package and ship your products.

The Importance of Packaging

At Dempac we fully understand the importance of keeping your products safe whilst in storage or out for delivery. We offer a wide range of products that can support your day to day operations.

During any storage and transit, your products can face accidental damage from forklift drops to products falling from broken pallets. The result is not only loss of revenue but they can also be a health and safety issue.

It is important to ensure that your current packaging practices are correctly analysed and how they’re affecting your business. We strive to offer you solutions to look for robustness when selecting your long term packaging options.

Recognising the impact that packaging has on the overall operation is what we specialise in. We absolutely fully understand that it is crucial to sustain growth and reducing costs.