Marshalls Packaging Ltd.

Hand Stretch Film

Hand Stretch Film (Clear or Black)

Stretch film/pallet wrap, is a robust and flexible plastic film, which is primarily used for securing items to a pallet. It can be quickly and easily applied around a pallet either by hand or by using a dispenser. All stretch film is available in a flush or extended core with our most popular hand film being supplied in boxes of 6 / 360 rolls per pallet.  We supply a range of thicknesses to ensure all types of loads can be protected, our thinner pallet wrap (14 micron) is great for stabilising lighter loads whilst being cost effective. Whereas our heavy duty thicker film (34 microns) is useful for heavier loads or irregular shaped loads.

Available in 400mm or 500mm widths.

Handy Wrap

Handy Wrap (Mini Wrap)

Similarly to our stretch our 17mu film makes smaller wrapping jobs easier.  It is robust  and easy to handle. Best used with our hand held dispensers for super smooth operation.  A really versatile product that is especially useful at wrapping parcels or smaller objects. 

Machine Films

Machine Film

500mm wide rolls with 76mm core. Normally used on a semi-automatic pallet wrapper where your machine is  pre-stretching the film before it is applied to the pallet – taking out all the hard work and thus allowing you to use less of the film.  This will not reduce the stability of the pallet it just takes out all the manual labour of wrapping pallets.  A must have for all busy businesses.