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Void Filling Machinery

PAPERplus® by STOROpack

Designed for safety

Combining the flexibility of different paper weight options and the use of different packaging techniques can make PAPERplus® an economical choice for virtually any application. PAPERplus® pads provide the strength and durability to stabilise heavy objects and bulk needed for superior cushioning and void-fill. 

Fast, efficient production as needed

PAPERplus® machine from STOROpack provide the versatility that makes them easy to integrate into any packaging environment. With options such as single and double packing tables, vertical and horizontal machine design and tabletop or floor models, PAPERplus® offers maximum efficiency for space and production capacity. 

AIRplus® by STOROpack

The film makes the difference

AIRplus® void film is created using ripple layer extruded film process to provide durability and reliability. The outer layer provides a non-slip surface to prevent movement in the box. The middle layer helps to hold the air and offers reinforced strength. The inner layer providing special heat sealing properties to prevent deflation. 

Fast, efficient production on demand

AIRplus® machines are fast, compact, portable and extremely easy to operate. All AIRplus® models are completely programmable, offer quick and easy loading and are amongst the most reliability built in the industry, with their small footprinted and large production capacities they fit easily into any packaging environment – regardless of volumes. In addition, AIRplus® offers optimum flexibility with multiple packaging options – you can interchange any of our AIRplus® films on any AIRplus® machines and adjust the amount of air in the film materials for different applications. Fast, efficient production on demand. 

Taping Machinery

Taping Machines

From hand held tape dispensers to water activated dispensers, we can offer them all. Hand held taped dispensers are cost effective and suitable on all our tape to provide quick and easy taping of boxes. Water activated dispensers are not only economical but portable and lightweight which allows flexibility for a small workplace.

Strapping Machinery

Strapping Machines

We supply semi automatic and automatic strapping machines – both fast and reliable with many benefits.

  • Semi automatic machines: low cost machines. Simple and reliable. Strapping is fed into the machine manually
  • Automatic machines: highly efficient. High speed strapping. No need to feed strapping manually

Pallet Wrapping Machinery

Pallet Wrapping Machines

Pallet wrapping machines for high volume use. The machine is provided with a high level of packaging autonomy and great work flexibility and built to wrap and stabilise palletised loads of any shape, size and weight, using stretch film.